Resolution from Rep. Marcia Morey

Dear Dr. Hall,

As one of Durham’s three members in the House of Representatives, I am writing to ask that you do not put Glenn Elementary School in the Innovative School District.

The Durham community has rallied together and is committed to provide support and involvement with Glenn School.

The data points that were used to determine which public schools are failing does not take into account Durham’s commitment to provide support to the teachers, administrators and parents who are all devoted to help Glenn School.
On Tuesday night a rally of over 200 leaders pledged their collective energy to engage and help this public school.

The student population at Glenn is one that needs much more attention. Of course, more state funding for public education is needed, especially for our youngest students as we have at Glenn Elementary, but I have no doubt, Durham Public Schools has the best innovative plan to address these issues.
Durham Public Schools can meet this challenge.

The entire Durham community is in support for Glenn Elementary School to remain a traditional public school and should not be considered for inclusion in the ISD.

I would be most happy to talk to you about this anytime.


Marcia Morey
House of Representatives
Durham – District 30